Breathe Carolina is a metalcore and synthpop scene band. It has been considered banning them from Scene13Toplist on the grounds of being too mainstream, but this idea was rejected.


Savages was released months prior to Scene13Toplist beginning, but had good chart performance anyway, as some songs suddenly gained a lot of popularity later on once they received music videos.

Song Title Primary Artist Featured Artists Debut Week Weeks On Debut Position Peak Position
Sellouts Breathe Carolina Danny Worsnop 1* 4 8* 5
Bang It Out Breathe Carolina Karmin 1* 17 6* 3
Chasing Hearts Breathe Carolina Tyler Carter 1* 3 2* 2
I Don't Know What I'm Doing (Remix) Breathe Carolina Oscar Olivo 5 8 13 6
Shadows Breathe Carolina -- 9 14 4 1 (1 week)
X (Remix) Charity Strike Breathe Carolina 19 ** 7 1 (2 weeks)

Artist AwardsEdit

Breathe Carolina was named the #3 most successful scene artist of 2014. It was deemed eligible as no single member is more successful than the group.


Shadows is tied with M4ster Of Death's Beyond The Wasteland for highest debut, at #4.